Bio info:  

I was born in France, raised in a ski resort in the French Alps, where my father worked as a mountain guide and a ski instructor. I came to the US to attend classes at the NY Institute of Photography in New York City, read Jack Kerouac “On the road” and decided to check out the West Coast; I arrived in San Francisco in 1971, fell in love with the City and never left.

I live in the Sunset district, not far from the Pacific Ocean.

I have published two books of photos of nature, one in black & white and one in color. You can buy them on-line. Click on the links below to see a detailled description of each book, a preview and how to order each one – or contact me directly at michele@leblogdelabergerie.com.

San Francisco en noir et blanc: A Photo Essay and a personal tribute to San Francisco, in a series of black and white photos, with very short (and reflective) commentaries; focusing on the nature within the City, the parks, the fountains, and the Pacific Ocean lapping at our door steps; and focusing also on the structures, the various bridges, the buildings, the massive and fascinating lines of an urban setting. Why black and white photos? Because there is a timeless beauty to them, a sober elegance… sheer poetry!  

74 pages – $33 on Viovio.com at http://www.viovio.com/micheleszek

Pictures For The Journey: A photo essay, in color, in three sections: the first section is on a small village in the French Alps during the various seasons, then the second one is all about San Francisco and the Bay Area, the Pacific Ocean, the Bridges, the Golden Gate Park and the buildings downtown, and finally the third section is about the little things around us and a reflection on how to sharpen our beauty-bound antennas, finishing with a chart on how to do it!

73 pages – $33.35 on Lulu.com at http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/pictures-for-the-journey/5985100

I write essays on the faith and the world in an effort to share and to learn, to live and to love… and I take nature photos because I’m just amazed at what I see! One of the life lessons that I have learned is that it is all about relationships, it’s all about love and forgiveness, encouragement and support; there is nothing like a friendly smile and a shared moment of peace and joy.

Well, let’s not forget intelligent conversation and chocolate truffles…

 I spend half of the year in the French Alps and the other half in Northern California, in the City. What a blessing to know and to love these two very special corners of the world. Here are some recent photos: 


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