The Question of Hope Of all the questions the human mind can ask, three are of ultimate importance:
                1. What can I know?
                2. What should I do?
                3. What may I hope?
The three questions [1] correspond to the three “theological virtues” of faith, hope, and charity.
Faith in God’s word is the Christian answer to “What can I know?” [2]
Love of God and neighbor is the Christian answer to “What should I do?”
And hope for Gods’ Kingdom, the Kingdom of heaven, is the Christian answer to “What may I hope?”

Just as faith fulfills the mind’s deepest quest for truth and as love fulfills the moral will’s deepest quest for goodness, so the hope of heaven fulfills the heart’s deepest quest for joy.It is the quest that moves irrepressibly through the world’s great myths and religions, the masterpieces of its greatest artists and writers, and the dreams that rise from the primordial depths of our unconscious. However different the heavens hoped for, wherever there is humanity, there is hope.The question of hope is at least as ultimate as the other two great questions. For it means “what is the point and purpose of life? Why was I born? Why am I living? What’s it all about?”
Peter Kreeft


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