God has placed hope in our hearts

I have a very simple and basic understanding of the virtue of Hope and that is why I started this blog. I thought I would throw my net over the side of the boat and see what I bring back and, in the process, I should deepen my grasp of what Hope truly is and why God wants us to exercise it…

In the “Dictionary of the Bible” by John L. McKenzie, S.J. I found the following comments:  “It seems no exaggeration to say the Old Testament breathes an atmosphere of hope throughout but it is true that Hebrew seems to have no word which corresponds exactly to “hope” and no precise concept of hope in the sense of “desire accompanied by expectation”. The words which most frequently express hope are kawah, to expect, and batah, to trust or to have confidence.

As a religious concept, hope rests entirely upon Yahweh, the “hope of Israel”. One must hope in Yahweh even when He “hides his face” Is 8:17; or seems to withdraw his favor, or when hope is deferred, Is 26:8. … His fidelity to His word is guaranteed by His covenant love, which is granted to the degree in which Israel hopes in Him…

In the New Testament, the Greek words elpis and elpizein, meaning expectation or to expect, are neutral, it may refer to expected good or evil… the words appear in this sense in the New Testament but hope as a religious concept is a much more enriched development of the OT hope.

The concept of hope is most fully developed in the Pauline writings especially in Roman. The paradox of “hoped against expectation” is that God can accomplish the impossible. Hope is of the unseen both to its object and its motive. Rom 8:24 and Heb 3:6. It is the hope of the glory of God which is the boast of the Christian, Rom 5:2, which must ultimately issue in the liberation of all creation from sin, Rom 8:20. Thus the Christian is saved through hope, which is joy. Paul does not think that hope is easily attained, it is the fruit of proved virtue….”

I will post more tomorrow.

Pretty explicit description of such elusive stuff… violet



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